Back-splash x


f5965ef29e2b7517750a450ba3f65b1fThere’s still a long way to go, but I’ve learnt in this house renovation game to always be ahead of the curve in the decision making  – there’s nothing worse than the pressure of time forcing a choice, so the current obsession is kitchen splashbacks.

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Question: Did you choose your favourite based on the actual splashback…or which kitchen you preferred? (casing point, the pic above..nice tiles, shame about the curtains…)


Laters, Kate x


  1. silkpathdiary

    I’m reading and keeping posts on your home renovations for reference since we will be embarking on this journey next year sometime hopefully.
    I’m torn between tiles and marble but one thing is, I dislike the look of a different sink area to the splashback so therefore here, the marble gets my vote. I’d love to have something similar.

  2. Syah

    I just completed my home reno and can’t agree with you more. Being prepared is key…it was so stressful as it was my first ever home reno and my partner and I had no clue what we got ourselves into.