Comedy Stitches x

7693e2ca62244d5924bddfb661658db7The brain is a strikingly stretched muscle that sometimes doesn’t want to…hence the gut appeal no-brainer of these back to school beauties from Skinny Dip London: Nostalgic for some, hip for others and pleasantly pleasing on the pocket for all.


Yep. They’re Anya Hindmarch rip offs.


Yep. The bags aren’t leather.

5e75f3457516dd94f203ec1b6a7c805c3e37a311323462cd3e04b57b7cd5deed12b62d5b1ef8bc5401dd0db60cbe1c8cdd3b73db65346bea59f8f2a38173cb7ec78628a60e98e6a0873459a79224d171But this is flash-in-the-pan fashion, best bought before it’s sell by date at a discount rate.  When it goes…

Laters, Kate x



  1. happyface313

    🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    I’m totally in love with these stickers. Found the original Anya Hindmarch stickers when I visited Hong Kong in April and purchased ONE for a tremendous amount of money.
    So I don’t mind these little ones that can be thrown out if they’re no longer in style or in case they should be lost.
    Have a very HAPPY day! 🙂