Tickled Pink x


Rebecca Wilson is a young sculptor domiciled in Scotland with a cheeky sense of humour.


With her jewellery range she’s become the burlesque dancer of adornment.

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Not that jewellery is the only thing she does..take this light, titled ‘Many hands make light work’


Beautifully cast in glow loving porcelain.


Or this one…inspired by jammy dodgers..


And temptingly called ‘Light snack’


Rebecca takes pleasure in looking at the humble objects of life – like these matches – and wants to see our reaction when she alters them either by material, situation or size..she wants to understand, why does our reaction then change?

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It’s honesty and frivolity glued together with the luxury of porcelain and talent.

Just delicious.

Laters, Kate x


  1. thelinencat & rockcottageyear

    Hurrah, I’ve caught up enough to leave comments!! So, Father Down Farms, my cousin raves about them and goes every year, I’ve looked at taking the boys as I think they’d really enjoy it, but we usually end up at Centre Parcs instead (not quite the same), looks like you had a great time, bet it makes it even more fun to go with friends so the kids have pals to play with and you have wine buddies for the evening. Still drooling over the Valentino dresses. Intrigued to know if you did find the perfect leather bum bag? LOVE the above, especially the necklace in the last photo. Bethx