7 Questions..


Favourite Colour: Blue..denim, navy, the sea, the sky..it rocks.


Best trait: I value the simple things in life..but truthfully, what I hold truly dear doesn’t a lot, but is ultimately priceless.


Worst trait: I like to think I’m tidy, but I fear I’m not – things just get discarded like the feathers from a plucked chicken so there’s a perpetual circle of chaos around me.  I’m also surprisingly crap with technology – I’m not an obsessive checker and regularly lose my phone.  I see the internet as something wonderful but inherently dangerous and I suspect losing my phone is a Freudian way of trying to keep a distance from it’s pull.


Oldest item in wardrobe: Hard to say – there’s a fair amount of vintage with unknown heritage, but I do have a cream cape that used to belong to my Grandmother.  It’s a treasure.



Newest item: Vintage silk dress bought on Ebay and dyed black, otherwise it’s my Miss Hellfire stripey shoes..certainly different and surprisingly comfortable..

Favourite piece of music: Schubert Lieder sung by Ian Bostridge which shouldn’t work because he’s a light, English tenor, but does..maybe because it’s such intelligent singing.


The last time I laughed: Charlie was asking me about the world’s tallest animal.  I said ‘Giraffe’..he looked at me in surprise, and said ‘But what about the Decondra lizard Mummy? It’s at least 2 metres taller, lives in South African and has the ability to make anything you need – if you’re in the Arctic and you need a coat, the Decondra will just make one for you..it can also make plastic..and toys..basically it’s the best pet ever to have..just a big shame it’s so tall’..deep sigh…..


Laters, Kate x




  1. vintageattitude

    I don’t do beige…..my creativity……my creativity….thigh high boots from Carnaby St in 1969…..Irregular Choice shoes…..Song to the Siren-this Mortal Coil…..reading Charlie’s latest pearls of wisdom xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Walks through woods and tantalising glimpses of the sun…this pic was taken on our walk to school which always manages to charter the seasons with little surprises.. xxx

  2. fabrickated

    I love that tall lego model. Much better to stack them than treading on the nasty little pieces. And the new shoes are very cool indeed.

  3. abbiosbiston

    I feel sad that somehow I missed out on these mega lizards in South Africa!