Me & Em..


I know I have friends for a reason! This site  – Me & Em – with it’s tantalising array of lustful towelling, was pointed out to me by the wonderful Galliana D’ovey, High Priestess of Retail Therapy..


The navy one!..hides the stains..and a snip at £58!0c41b1e85a456588c074c39954a88cbd

The pockets are top banana..


For those with legs like a supple silver birch, they also have retro-inspired shorts and hoody sets..

2ce19b0f0636f2d0fb9f3556e679a9c7 b2a70756cd547c7f68eaae00272cec94And most nostalgic of all..a towelling playsuit!


Laters, Kate x


  1. .virginia.romo.

    I guess now you don’t have to sew it yourself. Gorgeous are these ones. And they bring sweet memories of a summer some 35 years ago: My mum sewed such “towel dress” for herself, for me, my sister and our dolls! I remember laying my Nancy doll in the sun with her bikini (also by my mum’s hands) and then picking her up after some 6 hours of sun exposure and putting her on her chic dress, matching mine.

  2. abbiosbiston

    Love the dress… definitely don’t have the legs for the playsuit though. There’s way too much cottage cheese happening back there. Hahaha!

  3. Angie Mc

    I want this! And the shorts…my grandmother made me shorts out of toweling when I was ~ 12. I thought I was the coolest thing ever!