Kent, Part 3 x


Sunshine in the UK never lasts long – it’s the human reality inside any fantastical tale as was proven in the last part of our sojourn to Kent –  the day after our seaside adventure the temperature dropped like a stone (a bit like today) from the low low.  It was still emotionally sun-kissed with blue in the sky and fluffy clouds but the wind was as raw as a saw blade and straight off the frozen Norwegian fjords.


We were at Sandwich (we’d cycled here with the kids previously in the week – I’m not sure they’ve forgiven us yet as we got lost and ended up cycling at least 18 miles…) which is an historic town full of old, quaint buildings and was once the major port in the area and a centre for weaving.

IMG_5003 IMG_4914

We were there to take a boat ride with the Harbour Master along the 2 miles of river to the coast to see seals..

IMG_4907 IMG_4918

The trip out is strange – you pass all sorts of industrial sites mixed with wild flowers and Oyster Catchers.

IMG_4920 IMG_4973

And it was absolutely freezing! Seriously cold enough to whip the balls off any brass monkeys stupid enough to be out.  We raided our bags and pockets for anything that could keep us warm..a tissue anyone??


 Charlie on look-out..




IMG_4992 IMG_4989

Coming to say hello..

IMG_4983 IMG_4995

And then it was time to head for home, hot drinks and a spell under a duvet to warm up (that was me)…the kids wanted to go swimming! it takes all sorts…

Laters, Kate x


  1. vintageattitude

    I once sat on the beach at Frinton on Sea and watched a seal basking in the sun. He had one flipper in the air…to avoid strap marks I thought?…. Magical moment.! Xx

      • Angie Mc

        You’re most welcome! My teen son is an avid photographer who is encouraging me to give it a try. So now I’m really paying attention to photos that I enjoy, like yours, for inspiration. I hope your creativity will spillover onto me 😀

  2. fabrickated

    It is so special and so rare to see big native mammals in the UK and so uplifting and exciting even when it is miserably cold. They will remember this for a long time.