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Can ideas grow old and desires outdated? Tastes certainly change and a subtle alteration can update the mundane, but how fast does fashion really run?  Does a Season-behind-item really matter when the eye-watering price tag is suitably slashed? So whispers the seductive red-lipped temptation that is the January Sales, hip-swaying us in with a promise and a kiss to that shopper’s minefield of potential disaster and paradise..pick it right and get the prize for half the dosh…get it wrong and it’s a turkey turd festering in the darkest corner of your wardrobe forever..

I always thought the January Sales were the perfect opportunity to invest in a classic..the softest cashmere jumper, a timeless camel iconic silk blouse.  But I’ve now seen the light: The Sales are not about anonymity and being conservative, but taking a risk and finding that one standout piece to love and hold forever, something cutting edge, different, unusual with independent thought, something that can mix the refined with everyday. And pieces like that takes time to find..

Thankfully, the fashion posts of the last year have provided a fine quality control to navigate the choppy waters of desire against fads and fly-by-nights, and the Collection that remains an earworm my head is Peter Pilotto I took a deep breath and secretly went on a coat hunt – and this is where technology now makes such a difference…with websites such as ‘Search the Sales’ you can pin-point exactly  what you’re looking for, they find it for the cheapest price available….and then (thankfully for Christopher Credit) you find it’s already sold out..

Next stop, Ebay…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Abbi

    Because I get paid on the 6th of every month the sales always end up being pretty much dead by the time I get to them. Lol!

  2. motherhendiaries

    Haha! Yep… true story! In my case, fashion hunting is off the table until I catch my breath from holiday and taxes. But I wouldn’t say no to that lush outfit featured above! 🙂 I’m pretty sure I could rock it at least as well as the 14-year-old model wearing it, though my chances of affording it are pretty much on par with your average 14-year-old in any case. 😀

  3. dievca

    I take my chances with the sales and then I, too, lurk on eBay. Sometimes you get lucky and it makes your day, year, future. 😀

  4. spunknbrains

    Best advice on finding those standout pieces to love and hold forever.. at least until the next great find. 🙂

  5. jackiemallon

    Then when you come in wearing it and your husband asks about it, you can honestly say, “What, this old thing?” 🙂 You are a resourceful and canny thrifty knickers, Kate, and I’m taking avid notes.xox