The Force..


I’m not good with continually painting the town red – the tiredness comes down like a gruelling fog.  The only antidote is pretense, swiftly followed by a relatively early night.  And whilst no-one would normally guess (unless they wanted to count the luggage round my eyes) there is one presence I can never fool: Technology.  Somehow it knows.

Take Sunday: A few late nights in a row and the matchsticks were under considerable strain.  But my parents were in need of some muscle in their attempts to manhandle their still building site of a house back into some semblance of order.  At the underground I checked out my oyster card – £8.75 left on – just enough to get there and back.  Except the barriers didn’t like it, leaving me on one side with Bella and Charlie on the other.  Went to the ticket office – no, we can’t do anything, it’s a problem with oyster – talk to them and buy a new ticket.  Except the ticket machine didn’t like my debit card.  Went to another one – spoke to it very nicely ( it took a while to get the heavy irony out of my voice) – and finally got my travel card.  Except that was the last time the card successfully went through a barrier again..every change, entrance or exit I had to find an available person in an underground uniform to help me..

Came back to write a post.  Computer froze and I lost internet connection..then the TV wouldn’t turn off…

I’d take it personally, except there’s absolutely nothing I can do.  Except possibly throw the TV/Computer (cross out as applicable) out of the window…now THAT would show ’em….


Laters, Kate x


  1. .virginia.romo.

    Oh dear, there are days (and even weeks) like that: nothing works. I usually write it down: ” Today is one of those days”. It helps a little. But I see: It is not the solution when one of your children is at the other side of the not working barrier. I hope it is over for you and the world smiles back at you again.