Laid back Layering..


The cooler air of autumn is seeping into London.  Rumour has it the heat could yet return, but the aroma of moist leaves and wet earth make the mind turn to thoughts of jeans and easy cover-ups.


It’s not that one wants to dive into thick winter’s more about wanting to embrace that transitional phase, pairing summer favourites with something slightly warmer: Jeans with sandals, shorts with jumpers. These Frame Denim jeans hit the spot – made in collaboration with Supermodel Karlie Kloss they have the perfect legs that never seem to end..a bit like the model herself…


Overlaid with a Chloe Cape as those darker evenings close in.  The cape is going to be a key piece this winter…at £2445 a pop this one – probably the most iconic of them all –  has all but sold out already.  It’s easy to see the appeal: Throw over a summer dress now..or later, over a winter coat when the snow storms hit.  But I look at it and can’t help thinking…it’s a fairly basic pattern – in fact it’s the basic pattern that adds to it’s appeal…curve the corners, bind the edges it can’t be that hard…and you’d have you’re own designer version for a fraction of the price…


Anyone game?

Laters, Kate x


  1. .virginia.romo.

    Beautiful pics but I anot ready for it. Not yet. 17 Celsius outside but I keep my espadrilles on and reject the idea of putting socks on.

  2. Linda

    My name is all over those jeans. Love that style! I have not put on jeans all summer, too hot. But looking forward to throwing a pair on like those for fall and winter.

  3. Ana D

    Autumn is my favourite time of year! Despite the start of the cold, I love how the street style gets really glam this time of year and how everywhere starts bustling with restless energy. I love these fall picks, especially the coat! You’ve got me all excited for the upcoming season!