A Stitch in Time..


The Joy of the blogsphere is the treasure hunt that is discovering all the ideas and amazing products out there in the big wide world.  This beauty was first spotted by the lovely Andreannadais on her Blog, but it was so good I feel the need to spread the love a bit further..


Harvey and Quinn is a jewellery company set up by Rachel Harvey and lucy Quinn that specialises in creating jewellery that is both nostalgic and contemporary.  Their main source of inspiration are vintage buttons and the wealth of workmanship and wonder they have to offer.


They say: ‘For us each button tells a story, an intriguing glimpse of a forgotten past.’


It also helps that their pricing is incredibly sensible, starting at £32.00 and rising for special bespoke pieces.



For me they represent every thing I love: A forgotten quality item turned into a beautiful butterfly ready to fly forever.  The magpie within is singing with joy..


Laters, Kate x