Woolly Wonders..


Halfway through the winter and I’ve reached that point where my jumpers are no longer in a good place;  The life and soul has been worn and washed out of their sorry, bobbly seams.  And it certainly doesn’t help when I see objects of desire like these from Pringle of Scotland AW14.


Which is odd, because when I was at Secondary school we were all divided into tribes depending on what we wore, the main two being ‘Trendies’ and ‘casuals’ – Trendies were the middle class kids who wore their baggy, ripped, holey clothes as a source of pride.  Whilst the Casuals – the rougher kids on free school meals – revelled in the allure of Designer labels.  Their uniform of choice was a Burberry-check box-pleat skirt, Pringle twin set and knee high riding boots set off with layers and layers of heavy gold chains, worn with the same intent as medieval weaponry.


But after nearly two hundred years in the business, Pringle is moving with the times. Massimo Nicosia is pushing boundaries and experimenting with innovation whilst still retaining a relatable Collection.


He’s recruited Architect and material engineer Richard Beckett and started working with 3d printing.


(All photos from Style.com)

Weaving together heritage with modern flair he’s made a seamless leap to the future.

I think it’s time I looked ahead too….

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    I am fascinated with the first two sweaters — are those paillettes knit sideways into the sweater? Or pieces of leather? The final sweater coat makes me very happy — I have a “See by Chloe” cardigan sweater of the same texture but it is cropped, green mélange with a jewel collar. If you don’t want to wait for Pringle to refresh your sweaters — perhaps Chloe has something to offer. XO

  2. FujikoToyohashi

    Great post as always. My favorite sentence was “Their life has soul has been worn and washed out of their sorry, bobbly seams.” I never knew worn out sweaters could be that poetic 🙂

  3. pernillelunde

    Gorgeous sweaters all of them. The kind of sweaters that I feel you could dress both up and down. I always thought Pringles was super conservative but I guess not!!! Great post, thank you xxx

  4. Laura Lynn

    What wonderful and fresh ways to look at sweaters. Knits? Those don’t look like the sweaters that I’m used to seeing, so I’ll call them ‘knits’. And truly lovely, they are.