Friday started off as a totally normal day.  Bella had her class assembly so I went in to school to watch, collecting a happy Charlie from his class to sit with us and enjoy it as a younger sibling.   The assembly was fantastic  – the kids were so grown up and displayed such blossoming confidence.  I said my farewells and went on to meet a friend at London Bridge to discuss her new shoe Collection.  As I stepped out of the tube my mobile rang..It was the school – Charlie, who I’d just literally said good bye to wasn’t feeling well and had a temperature what would I like to do? I rang my parents and they said they’d collect him and in the mean time the school nurse gave him some Calpol.  Phone rang mother – they’d picked him up but despite the Calpol his temperature was still high, he had a red face, was not looking good and was complaining of a sore neck.  What should they do? It was friday, the doctors surgery was closed..we both could hear the warning bells..I said take him to the paediatric A & E at our local hospital and I’d meet them there.  Better safe than sorry. By the time I got there my laughing child was curled up asleep on a hospital bed radiating heat and looking very small.  It was one of those times when you know you’ve reached a cross roads – to recovery or a darker place.  We were wasn’t meningitis but a nasty virus – the fever broke and Charlie started responding to us, but my heart so goes out to any parent with a sick’s a gut wrenching place to be.  And even when the worst’s been avoided – we all got to go home with Charlie under strict observation –  the potential weight of it stays with you for a long time..I swear The Husband and I have looked worse than him all weekend with eyes like piss holes in the snow just from the sheer depletion of emotional energy.

But when all’s said and done….it’s a price you’re more than happy to pay.

Laters, Kate x


    • Maison Bentley Style

      I think it was the speed that caught us unaware..that and not actually being with him. At one point he wanted to talk to me on the phone – but we got cut off. The next time I got through, he was asleep..which is when my panic levels began to rise! Had to fill the car with petrol as the light was on (typical – just discussed the very subject with friends the night before) and drove off without putting the petrol cap back on! xxx

  1. dievca

    Ahh, It does break your heart when a child is really sick. The amazing thing is that they bounce back very fast and hopefully his immune system has another set of virus information keyed in to be blocked. Take a moment for you and your Husband to recover — otherwise, you two will be down for the count because of stress. XO

  2. Fashion Mayann

    Do you remember when I wrote that “health is one of our biggest treasures” in the mail I’ve sent you ? It’s so cliché but so true. I couldn’t breathe until I got to the end of your post … I truly hope that the whole family’s feeling better now ! xxxxx

  3. Laura Lynn

    That was frightening…I can only imagine what you all must have felt! They seem so small and helpless when you can’t do a %&$# THING! and you just sit there and sit there and sit there ad infinitum (thats what it feels like)
    So very very glad that this wasn’t, I’m not even going to say that ‘m’ word, and that all is on the mend. Sorry about the petrol cap, too. I’ve done it.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      There’s always that horrible point of children being sick when you start listening to the nagging worries..I’ve called it 3 times now and been grateful every time, but it’s tough xxx

  4. Lia in Brussels

    Hi Charlie! Get well soon OK? And take care of your mom and dad who’ve been worried sick since Friday! Sending cheery thoughts and chocolate your way, all the way from Brussels! xxx

  5. thelinencat & rockcottageyear

    Very scary – my worst nightmare (we’ve had some awful virus going around school and a number of the kids ended up in A&E due to the meningitis like symptoms – not mine, luckily!) so glad he’s OK, hope C returns to his full strength soon. Bx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I think it’s the big black shadow that lurks in all our minds when they go down hill..just wish there was a fast spit test that could say yay or nay without the waiting and wondering! xxx

  6. fashionassist

    Know that “gut wrenching” feeling well and wouldn’t wish it on any parent…
    hallelujah that all turned out well and your happy Charlie is back~ xo
    **lots + lots of BIG hugs to you all**