An Epiphany.. x


Yesterday, the 6th of January was Epiphany – the Christian feast celebrating the wise men meeting baby Jesus, but also informally recognised as the date by which (certainly in Europe) all Christmas decorations have to be down.  Which really seems a far better date to make New Year Resolutions – far away from hangovers, chaos and tinsel – and when there’s a general sense of cleansing and moving on.  There’s been time to think about what really matters and mull over plans.   For instance, I’m taking on this idea..a thought jar..a place for one captivating thought or quote a day which can be put away for a rainy moment…it’s by my computer now.


Charlie and I have also started on our Epiphany idea adapted from the lovely Kerry from Love Those Hands at Home (who also sells vintage linen at her etsy shop)…she re-blogged a special story about a family Christmas cloth, with little messages embroidered on every year by members of the family, of love, of happiness, of major events.  I recognise my limitations and before Christmas is too much..but now? I want to reminisce about Christmas and year gone by, and I so appreciate these treasures created out of nothing but time and love till they have a magical, talismanic quality created by and just for the family.


Each family member writes their name and something on the cloth with pencil (We want it to be special so we’re using a vintage irish linen tablecloth) then it’s simply embroidered.  The original cloth was made with red and green embroidery thread for alternate odd and even years…we’ve gone for white and creams, just to be a bit different., to be able to use it at different times of the year…and keep people looking closer..


There was another post that hit a chord.. Rachel Olsen wrote on the Huffington post about not having a list of resolutions that will inevitably get broken, but rather have a single word that encapsulates the whole year.  I’ve thought about what my word would be..fitter? tighter? creative?


But the one I’m going to go with is ‘Zone’.  If I can zone my mind to all the things I really want to do…then they’ll all happen.

Well..that’s the plan!

Laters, Zoning already…Kate x


  1. pernillelunde

    What a lovely thing to do!!! I’m going to have a think about what my word should be, really like zone though it kind of incorporates everything if you are in it. Xx

  2. Lia in Brussels

    Getting into the Zone sounds like a good plan! I think we are in a sort of similar zone cause when I was a little kid my mother started a similar tablecloth! It’s white cotton and it would be used on special occasions when family and dear friends would pen their signatures which mother then embroidered in colour. You (and the kids later) will love this, I’m sure!

  3. vintageattitude

    Lovely lovely idea! I got a blanket to start appliquéing with significant thoughts or beloved lines of poetry…..inspired by Tracey Emin of course. You have prompted me to get started. My word would have to be fabulousness…..of course. Always makes me buck up and smile…… Any chance we could meet up on 30th of this month? Xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I remember reading about the first ever quilts made from remnants of clothes and anything that could be found…I’ve always thought what a history/treasure/memory trove those would be. I did think about making something from the children’s old baby clothes, but I couldn’t bring myself too! Although I have been collecting school tea-towels ( you know the ones – every kid does a picture of themselves) to make into a duvet cover for when they leave home!!! xxx

  4. Laura Lynn

    This is a wonderful idea. The jar, the tablecloth and non resolution empowering word. It’s simply inspirational. Love it! Now hmmmm what word, what word…this requires some thinking.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      There was a brilliant article in the Times by Caitlin Moran a couple of months ago saying how that money makes us less creative..and she was right. I think in this modern world it’s easy to forget that the simple things can give the most pleasure xxx

  5. Angie Mc

    You are absolutely right about taking this more quiet time to ponder the big picture of the coming year. I’m lucky that as a Catholic, we’re still in the Christmas season until this coming Sunday when we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus. The week between the Epiphany and Baptism is among my favorite weeks of the year! Weeks of celebrating are slowing down and all is (finally) calm…all is bright! Thank you for this post and for liking some of mine. Have an amazing – and stylish – 2014!

      • Angie Mc

        Twinkling is the right word! I love the different seasons, celebrations, everything that make life so interesting and new 🙂

  6. KerryCan

    Kate! I knew you’d like this tablecloth idea but I didn’t guess you’d actually do it! it’s so perfect for you and the kids–maybe you can do an update every year so we can see how it develops! XOXOXO

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I’m a great believer in there’s never a good time – so just do it! I love this idea and it’s all about the magic of the sooner, the better…I will def update! xxx

  7. adeola2502

    Thanks for the inspiration… rituals like this makes life much more interesting! I wrote out my hopes and plans for 2014 on a piece of paper and threw it in a fire as the clock struck 12 (unfortunately it’s all a little sketchy now…;)

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