Heading Off..



Barmy summer has hit leafy South West London, the skies are swallow tail blue, the grass on the common has been cut and is turning to hay…soon they’ll send in the big bale machines and turn our urban bit of green into a country field which always brings a smile.  For the first time this week I’ve smelt the laburnum in the air, all sweet and sultry and the prediction is that today the temperature will reach thirty degrees..so probably a good time to leave and discover the sanctuary of a faraway beach…



It’s been strange not having the kids for a whole week.  I thought that I would get loads done…but I haven’t.  Part of that was I realised how much else I cram into a day..and part of it was refusing to do any extra.  My brain went into shut down mode and just wanted to sleep.  We did get out though..the above picture was taken on an evening bicycle ride home across Clapham Common after watching ‘The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of A Window And Disappeared’ (to be recommended..laugh out loud hilarity) – it was a joy to feel that pink evening sun again – as a parent it’s the time you’re always doing the bedtime routine so you never get the chance to drink it in, but it’s such a special time of day.  Which doesn’t mean I haven’t missed my two…we’ll be flying to Athens today, picking up a hire car then driving over the Peloponnese to Costas, where we’ll pick up a water taxi (a speed boat) (the most expensive form of transport known to man (other than a space rocket..and perhaps a Venetian Gondola..which depends if you’re doing price per person or price per mile..hmmmm)) and head across to the island of Spetses where they’ll be waiting for us on a star-lit beach…it’ll be a bit like James Bond…can’t wait…


Laters, Kate x


  1. theblackberryboys

    Have fun on your vacation! I once spent 2 weeks in Spetses at a Summer School hosted by FEBS/EMBO! It was so lovely, loved it. I went directly from Athens, from the Pireus port I took a Flying Dolphin boat. Cannot wait for your pictures 🙂 xoxo Fanni

    • Maison Bentley Style

      What a small world! And it’s the school beach where we will head the speedboat to! My parents will be there with a car to take us all round to the farthest side of the island, to Aghi Anargiri..our plane arrives too late to make any boat connections but we’ll use the hire car for chapter 2 of holiday… Xxx

  2. dievca

    You know — you are allowed to do nothing and enjoy it. It’s called “regrouping”. What a lovely sight and it sounds like a lovely week. I’m glad you were able to regroup.
    BTW, what is the sexy Bond Girl wearing to her starry, evening children pick-up? Flowy, white cotton gauze, I hope.

  3. Maison Bentley Style

    A white neoprene bikini and mirrored sunnies! Truthfully? Vintage Mexican and white birks..hoping the embroidery will cover the inevitable travel mishaps! Sending love xxxxx

  4. Lia in Brussels

    Of course! From any of the hundreds of inhabited islands Ms Bentley will conquer only the best! Have a great time and don’t take any ideas from Bouboulina, ok? (then again, maybe some…) xxx

  5. Fashion Mayann

    Beautiful pictures and thoughts ! Enjoy your Greek holidays with your lovely family and relax as much as you can ! It’s a shame though you’re leaving London when the sun finally appears ! xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I think this is the only place I will have any chance of internet…the rest is off grid and scheduled posts! Is the Tour coming near you again? I’m sorry to miss that..suspect Niballi can only lose it now.. xxxxx

      • Fashion Mayann

        You know much more about the Tour de France than I do (the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot : speaking of shoes, I guess you’ll buy some Greek sandals !). I don’t think the Tour will come here though … Anyway, happy holidays ! xxxxx

  6. jackiemallon

    Happy holidays. You sound so mellow 🙂 I foresee the sunset glinting off your peasant-style tumblers filled with potent Greek wine before the day is out.
    I tried reading the book “The One Hundred Year Old Man…” ( I loved the idea and the title) but I couldn’t finish it. Maybe the film is the way to enjoy it…

    • Maison Bentley Style

      First thing was a glass of ouzo with ice…delicious! At parents house on their ‘dongal’ – all new to me..but we go off grid after this..GOOD LUCK with the move..it will be fabulous and so worth it! xxx

  7. Anny

    Sounds magical! (Next month we’re heading to Italy and I’m shocked at the Gondola prices I’m seeing on-line.)