1. indiaalexandra

    Fabulous, simply fabulous – no need to say anything else apart from maybe “EYE want one too”

    • MasonBentley

      I’m surprised they haven’t been resurrected for any of the editorials on monochrome..maybe it’s hard to find the original glasses now? I would die for a pair.. Xxxx

    • MasonBentley

      Sigh. I want! Am loving the strong white frames..but also strangely drawn to pale pink..am now curious to find some really retro specs, but I do wonder if they have the same uv protection as modern day glasses.. Xxxx

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  3. gotfederer

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    You think I wear goofy hats sometimes? Well, just wait until I pick me up a couple pairs of these bad-ass shades. I’ll do it, too. Don’t forget, I’m the guy with the Daisy Fuentes sunglasses.