vaccum-cleaner-golfAfter a truly hectic week – launch and the aftermath (amazing!) plus teddy bears picnics, Sports Days, school fetes and all the wonderful extras that indicate the winding up of a Summer Term (which I do love..must remember a pirates costume for Charlie on Monday..) it’s time to brush up the Blog for the Big Party tomorrow..the glasses are polished..the buntings up..fresh flowers ordered…strawberries plump and ready from the Farmers Market (with a choice of fresh clotted cream or rose water of course)…So I think we are nearly there…just need to write tomorrows ‘Welcome’ post – always lovely to see when you walk through the door!..but most importantly here is the list of all the wonderful bonkers Blogs that are joining us for the fun..(I am more than happy to update if we get more requests)…this is completely mad! but personally I can’t wait to share a glass of something special with you all tomorrow!


I’m aiming to get round the whole list. Fingers crossed!



  1. purplepincushion

    I am preparing for logging some time on my front porch with a pitcher of iced tea (of pot of hot coffee weather depending) and my trusty lap top. Looking forward to the party:-)