It’s Pardy time! (With an update x)

Our big day was Tuesday 11 June when we finally Previewed our First Collection…more on that a bit later – but we’ve been thinking..what better way to celebrate than having a Blog party?!

1940s Dance Party vintage photoLord only knows if it will work!

The plan is that all who want to join leave their Blog addresses in the comments below..then all day on Sunday 16 June (Got to have a bit of advanced warning to get the nibbles in..) We visit each other’s Blogs on the list and share the creative spirit..

Up for it? Or is it utterly bonkers?!

P.S. Little update: The Preview was a  BRILLIANT night! Fantastic turn out..very buzzy…and most importantly..SALES!! We are delighted (understatement) !!..I will write more as part of our ‘Welcome to the party’ post on Sunday – but I just want to leave this main post here till then as a point of contact for as many potential party goers as possible..we are so thrilled by the response to this idea! I will post a list of all razzle dazzlers on Saturday evening UK time – whoo hooo! – and update the list on Sunday if nec..we really can’t wait!…



  1. Ledodder

    I’m up for it, but I’m not sure if I will ‘make’ it. I have my final presentation the day after (presenting and defending my thesis so I can graduate)…but one can only try! Like the idea!

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