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There’s a moment in every parents life when you wonder if the make-believe still holds the magic: Do they still believe in Father Christmas? Does the Tooth Fairy still have power? And will Jack Frost still be a person? You don’t want to be the one to break the spell, but as they get older there’s the feeling that you’re possibly the one that’s being duped rather than the other way around. And yet…how to broach the subject, and how to say OK – it’s us, but now it’s your turn to hold the secret for others? – I know from horrible experience there is nothing worse than another child proudly telling all when yours still believe. (Note for the future: If this does happen and they’re still young say yes, sometimes parents do have to deliver Christmas stockings but that’s only when a child no longer believes so won’t get a stocking unless the parents step in)

We had a precious moment in Greece when Charlie lost a tooth.  He came into breakfast with a big smile saying ‘I got my 2 euros and a letter!’.


The husband and I looked at each other with open eyes and raised eyebrows…neither of us had written fairy letter…maybe this was proof at last they did exist!



Except of course, it was Bella who had written it.  She got a special cuddle afterwards and the promise of a silver locket..a prize to mark knowing the secret, but also to represent holding the secret.


My beautiful daughter is growing up fast. Maybe faster than I’m ready for.

Laters, Kate x

Happy New Year! xxx


From a very wet, stormy start to the year…

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To the post-apocalyptic Christmas cake, complete with reindeer excrement, polar bear poo and a melting snowman…what would Grandma think?


Here’s to a fabulous 2015!

Laters, Kate x

The Tooth Fairy x


Up there with Father Christmas is the parental joy of being a tooth fairy: There can’t be many times in your life you’re allowed to flutter about a room to offload and collect your special cargo.  Except it’s never as simple as that..particularly when the tooth is accompanied by a secret letter..



Job one: Wait till child is asleep, creep in, sneak letter out from under pillow..

2. Compose response on bits of tissue paper with fancy writing, chuckling at your own cunning and ingenuity..

3. Decide to take it a step further – find leaf from the garden to wrap letter and money in. Seventh heaven!  (Husband shakes his head in despair..)


IMG_4244 IMG_4243


4. Head to bedroom. Move stealthily towards bed.

5. Disaster! Drop tiny letter from leaf somewhere on dark floor near bed.

6. Flee out.  Find torch app on mobile phone.  Enter bedroom again.

7. On hands and knees eventually find letter under bed, but knock the Furbie next to the bed in excitement of success…it springs to life, dancing and singing.

8. Run to the door with errant Furbie clutched in hands.

9. Wait 30 minutes before returning to complete task.

10. Stupidly leave effing Furbie on own bedside table.  Effing Furbie proceeds to wake through the night.  Effing Furbie gets thrown down the stairs…


Then a few days later I found this in the garden, under a bush:



It reads..Dear Pretty One, Please may I have a magic necklace so that I can turn myself into a mermaid with a turquoise tail…


Rod, own back…


Laters, Kate x