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I read an article once that said it was only ever possible to have two out of the three of the holy grails of building works: Cost, quality, time.  I think the similar principals apply to children at halfterm…happy children, messy house, cost…only ever two at one time..but at least acknowledging these salient truths makes wading through the detritus of my present house so much easier.  Which is a good thing, because added to our layer of general chaos is the fact we have the school quiz next week – this was last year – so why should this year be any different? We’ve started working on the costumes..and discovered a new creative product – ever come across thermomorph moldable plastic before??


It’s amazing stuff. You add these little plastic balls to boiling water.

IMG_8203 IMG_8202

And wait 2 minutes till they go clear.


Then you take it out and wait just long enough so no-one will get scalded.


And start molding…into anything you want.


It’s amazing stuff – the time line between being soft and hard is quite short – but you can just drop it back in the boiling water to soften again.  And they dry totally opaque and white. What we were making I can’t say…except all will be revealed next week…


Laters, Kate x