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99e39a7ac92411e2b5c422000a1f9a53_7The ultimate in bikinis, non?

We are slowly getting back to the rhythm that is normal life with the holiday now a retreating paradise rapidly disappearing into the horizon…but it was a brilliant break.

Holidays are tough with kids: No matter how exotic the place, the beauty is sometimes the only positive of being away..which actually isn’t enough.  Expectations are so high, the relaxation so needed..but the chores still remain the same: Planning, shopping, cleaning, cooking, sick wiping, world war 3 crisis talks, bottom wiping, parenting..but with none of the normal safety nets like toys, dvds, sound proof rooms, play dates, drugs...added to which you don’t know where anything is, it’s stinking hot and no-one is sleeping at night…


Spotted at Faro Airport. An unfortunate name…

Generally I embrace the grot that makes the foundation of home life, but sometimes, just sometimes….I want someone else to take over so I can step off the continual conveyor belt of care and re-charge my own batteries..

In Portugal we had meals provided, a kiddies club from 9-12.30 in the morning for both children, then again at 2.30-5.30 for Bella if she wanted it.  Kids tea at 5.30 or they could eat with us later.  More games (rounders etc) with her friends for Bella at 7.30 pm if she wanted (she did!) followed by a film and bed till we picked her up at 11.00. And a film club and a bed for Charlie from 7.30 – 11 pm.  It was utter and absolute bliss..I read books!!..with never a worry a child could be drowning, I swam for myself..I went to the toilet – BY MYSELF..The Husband played tennis, mountain biked..we had romantic meals together..we drank, we ate, we talked..we became human beings again..

Which lasted..until we got through our front door and found the washing machine was broken..Oh life. With one hand it gives..and with the other it taketh away..

Laters, Kate xxx