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Ray of Sunshine x


The end of term is creeping up and, as ever, it can’t come soon enough – I’ve got both mine off school today with sore throats – they’re really just knackered.  And I can relate – I’m still feeling like I’m living underwater since last week.  Which is why it’s rather lovely to find (thank you cousin Claire) humorous, supercool art like Rainworks!


Invented by Peregrine Church in Seattle, these street art pieces are the proverbial silver lining only appearing when it’s wet.

The designs are stencilled onto concrete using hydrophobic, environmentally friendly spray (for details check out the website – it’s literally stuff you can pick up yourself) which last for up to 4 months, depending on weight of traffic.  Effectively, the spray keeps the concrete dry.

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Genius.  Now….where’s my nearest piece of concrete??

Laters, Kate x