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Lust list x

Size isn’t everything but beautiful design is: Meet the Newton milk and sugar jug, a gimbally exhibit of executed ingenuity.Separate and independent.

(All pics from Tonfisk Design)

Or the perfect fusion of function and form.

Laters, Kate x

Trans-seasonal x

So here’s the thing – weather in London, in September – particularly this year – is unpredictable.  If the sun does make an appearance there’s the flash of late summer burn, but just as easily the sun can disappear in an instant to be replaced by a cold wind and threatening clouds.  What to do? One solution are the 2-in-one coats from Arket.  Surprisingly simply yet remarkably flexible they’re an unfussy solution to an autumn – and potentially winter – dilemma.

The clever puffa-slash-underjacket comes in a choice of long sleeves…

(All pictures Arket)

Or vest.


I will be trying both the mens and the womens before making a decision.

Laters, Kate x

The Mirrorcube and More..


Big dreams and great design…meet the Tree Hotel of Sweden with it’s incredible individual rooms.  Located in Harals, near the Lule River about 100 km from Lulea airport they are objects of wonder..


From the incredible mirror cube…an aluminium box, covered with mirrors and attached to a tree with a bathroom, terrace and double bed.

811_mirror_cube_interior_8a 887_mirror_cube_interior_2a

(There’s even an ultraviolet coating on the mirrors that birds can see so they won’t fly splat into it..)


To a floating UFO..


And a Bird’s Nest built for humans..

735_birds_nest_interior1_a 992_birds_nest_interior_2a

Inside the Birds Nest..


Or perhaps you’d prefer to be closer to the ground? Meet The Blue Cone..

109_blue_cone_interior_1a 498_blue_cone_interior_4a

And it’s stunning interior, embracing everything you love about Scandinavian design.


This is the carriage..complete with viewing platform above..

824_cabin_interior_1a 757_cabin_interior_2a

 And it’s insIde.


There’s even a sauna house with outside hot tubs…

In the middle of nature but on natures terms this place sings a lyrical folk song of peace, beauty, exceptional design and understanding.

It’s on the ‘to do’ list…one day Rodders, one day..until then, I’ll just dream..

Laters, Kate x