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Collar Worker..


There’s something comforting about wrapping up in a scarf when the weather turns frosty.  We’ve been lucky in London so far – today was only the second frost of the season, but I suspect things are on a downward slide colder..


J Crew have some good offerings – particularly their innovative take on fair Isle, but Paul Smith is the true king of the winter neck-tie..


Clever modern twists smoothly integrated into stylish classics..


It’s that subtle joy of being able to buy for the husband..and wear yourself..



Or buy for yourself..and expect to see the other half in it..beautiful and functional equals design at it’s very best..

Laters, Kate x

Led Smith..


Led Zepplin and fashion are not the most obvious bed fellows..but it’s happened.  And when you think about it, there’s something gutsy and glorious that links – even draws – them together in thrilling duality.


paul-smith-led-zeppelin-2014-07-730x547 paul-smith-led-zeppelin-2014-01-730x547


Six limited edition scarfs designed by Paul Smith using the original art work to celebrate the launch of newly released re-mastered versions of the albums….the first three out on 23 Oct…Timeless, visual flights of fancy all mixed up with a sense of history, marrying beauty with desire..


How cool do they look? And the scarves don’t look bad either..an essential layer of style that twinkles with bonhomie..

Wear them, wrap them – frame them, they’re that good..I want one!

Laters, Kate x

Urban Adventure Part 2 x

IMG_0105 So the second part of the Urban Adventure? Kaori and I went to the Paul Smith Exhibition at the Design Museum..

IMG_0100 I love Paul Smith.  I love his ability to see beauty in the ordinary and his understanding of what makes objects desirable.

IMG_0107It’s why he’s such a voracious collector, happily sucking on the marrow of life.

IMG_0111 He knows the beauty of detail, whether it’s the unexpected lining of a jacket or the ribbon running on the inside of this covetable retro inspired cycling shirt.

IMG_0110Or the colour of a button.

IMG_0115 But he never gets stressed by the obsession.  He embraces it..

IMG_0114 IMG_0113From the clutter everything is impeccably crafted and he always remains the epitomy of cool.

IMG_0112How cool is that?

IMG_0099 A kaliedoscopic gathering of ideas that suggests why always look to the future?

IMG_0106 When we have a wealth of unexplored inspiration at our fingertips..

IMG_0103I couldn’t agree more.

Laters, Kate x