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Inner Life, Outer Coat..


No Joke (hashtag-no-filter-added) this arrived through our door yesterday. ‘Guys, let us inflict extreme pain and fleece your crown jewels (literally) for your hard-earned cash’.  It’s the biggest rip off I’ve seen in a long while….waxing is the love child of the devil with the craft and credentials of Nurse Ratched. And then they have the cheek to call it Serene..

Apparently Essex is the Mordor and birthplace of this spawn and the materialistic home of the pejazzle – a county sadly known more for it’s orange tans and love triangles than brains, a place where this torture is considered an accepted part of male grooming with crystal tattoos (slot eyeballs back in) applied during treatments.  But for this madness to reach the leafy shade of South West London?…it’s the world gone mad. I’ve been against the silly stripping of women to prepubescent levels since the plucked chicken look became a brand – a women should be a woman, it’s one of the things that defines us as adults. Keep things under control by all means…but this phobia against body hair because porn stars want to look like girls? it’s just plain wrong.  And now men want to follow the same route?? All I can say is you’ve got a lot to learn…watch this video without wincing (a man, no less, going through a wax sack and crack..be prepared)..and then, if you still think this is something that floats your boat…don’t look to the Essex boys for advice, skip a few generations of intelligence, ask the girls and google electrolysis.  But believe me, a man obsessed with body hair shrieks of narcissism, sheep and the need for help.  Just don’t do it –  remember everyone loves a man’s man with something to hold onto and plait.


Laters, Kate x