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As the seconds, minutes, days..even years tick past there’s one never-changing truth that remains a constant….for every good thing, there’s a shadow and for every bad event, somewhere, there’s a pearl..


Joy: The kids go back to school TOMORROW!!!

Horror: All uniforms, shoes, bags, pencil cases blah blah blah have to be ready…and labelled..


Sewing on labels is my idea of purgatory – I dare anyone to disagree..(And I’ve done ironing them on…and melted Bella’s coat..my normal cheat is a permanent marker – tres slummy mummy – but why are the nibs always so thick and the tabs so small??)


Happiness: The discovery of the website Stamptastic – Set up by three SW London mums (A local company – yay!) with 8 children under 11 between them they sat around their witches cauldron kitchen table and agreed that labelling stunk. ┬áSo they came up with a genius solution: A simple stamp in just the right size with a special ink pad that can be used on all types of surfaces from clothes to stationary equipment..I’ve ordered mine with just our surname on it so it’ll do the whole family – nothing that moves will escape: Shoes, coats, gym stuff, goggles, swim hats..the husband..

Stamptastic-10 Stamptastic-12

Horror: I only ordered mine yesterday….so until it comes, I’m just going to duct tape everything, everything to the kids…

It’ll be a conversation starter if nothing else…

Laters, Kate x