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Rogue Brogues..


I’ve never been a smoker – I have an issue with burning money to ruin my health..give me a strong glass of red instead and I’ll down it in one revelling in the knowledge it’s allegedly good for my heart.  It’s pretty much the same with high heels..why spend a small fortune on objects of torture that look better on the page than on my feet?


Which begs the question, why heels? – and if they’re so fabulous, why don’t men wear them too? Are we women trying to prove we’re a more advanced gender because we can?…or is the joke really on us…


And then there was Heelgate at Cannes this year (which happened after the festival organisers had announced it had made efforts to address the gender imbalance between male and female directors) where women were turned away from the red carpet for wearing flats.  Of course, that there was ever a heel code was swiftly denied.  But they can’t deny it happened...(At the next A-lister-red-carpet-celebrity-fest I’d love to see parades of women in Docs and men in stilettos all proudly strutting their stuff) (What’s the chance of that?)


The truth, as it generally does, comes down to choice – if heels rock your world, pray indulge and gorge on the many wonderous designs available.  If flats are your thing, then all these from Rogues may well float your boat.697ee2e708e523d5fc6b4bc2301c4a24They’re designed by Katie Harland, who wanted a shoe that was both functional and full of character.  She describes them as ‘A love child from the colour and comfort of trainers and the craft and credentials of brogues.’


They’re simply built from 3 pieces of leather with a choice of neon laces.


There’s a slight platform sole in white, a low cut on the ankle and a narrower fit at the toe.

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They hit that magical sweet spot of being cross-seasonal, wear with anything for any event…including running for a bus.

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The only shoes I now possess are those I can dance in.  On that basis…who’s hidden my credit card?

Laters, Kate x