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Fireworks x


It’s a fun time of year in the UK..halloween rolls into bonfire night which this year marks the 410 year anniversary since Guy Fawkes and his gang tried to blow up the houses of Parliament. Excited children, mulled wine, glowsticks and big bangs set to music..Uptown Funk withv synchronised explosions anyone?

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What’s not to love?

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Laters, Kate x

Streetwise x


It was a full day yesterday..picture travelled to the exhibition in Covent Garden ready to be hung for the 12..it’s in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden..a rather whimsical collection of little streets beyond the main thoroughfare that holds some true hidden gems for any shopping aficianado..to be recommended..


Then onto to South Ken to meet the lovely Julie from Vintageattitude, stopping by to check out the swimming pool ice rink at the Natural History museum..it’s a fabulous situation – but I’ve never actually seen ice-skates create their own wakes before..


We were going to the Horst Exhibition at the V&A…I love the V&A but they miss a trick by banning photography  – and to outlaw sketching seems somewhat narrow-minded and draconian.  Having said that, it’s a wonderful exhibition, highly evocative of a by-gone era, leaving you wanting to for-go champagne flutes forever in favour of silver cocktail shakers and crystal rounded coupes…but you’ll have to take my word for it.


 Time for a pit-stop at the magnificent cafe..


Julie’s fabulous bag..she is a true original..and that’s just Julie..


Then it was home for fireworks..


Charlie tried to tell me it was to celebrate Guy Fawkes night..


But I knew it was the warm-up for my birthday today.  Cue the rude cards..


Another year older, another year gone..I was talking to a lovely mum in the playground the other day when her daughter came rushing up and said ‘My Mum’s 43 now’.  ‘I told her’, she sighed. ‘My Mum’s 30 on Saturday’ piped up Bella..’I didn’t’ said I….

Laters, Kate x