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Rapture x


Once upon a time, a long time ago before the cult of celebrity was even a flash of a lightbulb, there were myths and fairy tales weaving complex ficitonalised versions of life with an extra sprinkle of magic.


Move forward hundreds of years to the Viktor and Rolf Fairy Tales, fresh from the minds of the avant garde fashion greats..


And beautifully illustrated by them as well..

viktor3 v-r-02


It’s like a dew-drop turned into a telescope with the lens pointed at a whole new world..how very delicious..and the perfect stocking present for Bella…as I get to read it too…


Laters, Kate x

They Came Out to Play…


Sarah Burton.  Her time is now.  Producing the eye-searing clothes that would’ve had Isabella Blow dragging on her ash-dripping ciggie with uncontained pleasure..

_ARC0194.683x1024 _ARC0046.683x1024

A femininity of drama without being frilly with the power to take us on flights of fancy away from grey pavements and cramped tube carriages.

_ARC0144.683x1024 _ARC0160.683x1024 _ARC0340.683x1024

Blurring the lines between couture and ready to wear, the workmanship is sensational – like elves and fairies have been at work.


Pushing the boundaries, McQueen’s never been ordinary or suburban.  In a unique niche, it always has to be more.  More than the High Street with the power to defy industry molds.

_ARC0112.683x1024 _ARC0013.683x1024 _ARC0376.683x1024

A bird of paradise brought to life in the urban jungle.  You just want to stroke it’s gentle plumes and calm it’s beating heart.


The perfect Oscar dress?


Cate Blanchett?


And all this from the woman with one year old twins?…I doff my vermillion ostrich feathered Tracey to her..but I also want to give her a cuddle…and a nice cup of tea with a biccie on the side..

Laters, Kate x