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A Day in The Life..


6.30 am alarm goes off. Children have been up for sometime like very large dancing elephant mice.  Manage to put the inevitable off, listening to Radio 4 till 7.00, but I know it’s a busy day.  Shower.  Dress. Need to get a post up – thankfully written the day before – I’m out all morning. Re-check notes, address, battery in camera, put a wash in the machine, find oyster card, mediate a fight, oversee teeth cleaning, hair brushing, shoes on, school bags, ready to go…


8.00 Head out the door on the school run..there’s a fight over who shuts the door.  I suggest that if I shut the door first they might not be able to get out..Charlie not happy with this logic.


8.50 Head to the train station.  Notice my Vans have two nice holes in them.  Damn Vans.


10.00 Meeting in Clerkenwell (Great part of London – history oozing from every corner) with the inspirational Matt Cooper, the driving force behind The Fableists – a seriously cool children’s clothing label, built to last and save the planet.  What’s not to love? – but more in a future post.


11.00 Checking out the clothes and loving the fact I can buy stuff for Bella..and hand it on to Charlie.


11.30 Grab a quick coffee and phone a friend who’s recovering from an op.  Do a quick email catch up. It’s a beautiful day in London.  Head back on the tube via a supermarket shop for supper.


Makes me laugh.


1.00 Home.  Realise I should’ve grabbed something for lunch as well.  Have to make do with a hot cross bun, some cheese and blueberries..but at least the hot cross bun was made by my fair hands at Creative Coffee yesterday.  Run round the house and do a quick tidy up.


1.30 Start to write.  Always have to put pen to paper once a day otherwise it feels wrong.  Set alarms on my phone so I don’t lose track of precious time.  Check the blog but no time to reply to comments.  Slack.


3.00 Head off to collect the kids from school.  Remember to take snacks otherwise I’ll have my arm eaten off.  In the whole scheme of things this is only a little patch of green, but it’s one of my great joys walking through it every day.


4.00 Homework.  A relatively quick affair today as I’ve promised them we’ll make use of the gorgeous weather (could be snowing next week knowing the UK) and head out to the Common again.  We may live in a City, but we make use of what we have.


They insist on wearing their new t-shirts from The Fableists.


5.00 Picnic tea with hot chocolate.  A must.  It’s our second picnic of the week..a record this year. ANY year..in fact it’s the first year Charlie hasn’t been too knackered by this time of the day, after school, to do things like this.  It’s always a balance with kids..doing things..over doing things and then taking the kick-back…

6.00 – 8.00 No time for photos.  Just manic.  Getting baths done. Hair. Teeth.  Stories read.  Trying to get ready to go out at the same time.  Attempting to stop blood being spilt.  Trying to catch up on the Blog. Trying to get everything together – uniforms laid out, bags packed by the door as I don’t want to do it at midnight.  Sort the washing in the machine. Husband back at 8.00.  I’m already late..run!


8.00 pm – Mums night out at a local Kareoke bar.  Always good for a laugh! A fun night setting the world to rights with some great gals.


Get home close to midnight.  Up at 3.30 am to give Bella some medicine to stop the Chinese water torture coughing.

Alarm goes off at 6.30 am…and because I was out morning and evening, there’s no post written…it’s also Book Club tonight..and we’re out to dinner tomorrow…honest to God, there’s no rest for the wicked…just crack on…and no run managed yesterday..must remedy that today…and do an internet food shop..and Bella’s gym today and I have hundreds of emails..and…and…write a list and set alarms on phone…and start..

Laters, Kate x