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Cultured Collabs..

graphic_06_lowresCultured Collabs. Sounds a bit like a highly contagious and serious fungal infection. But I couldn’t help noticing that the imitable Garance (we love her) has stolen ma thunder copied homaged followed my lead and written a post (OK. It was Alex) with exactly the same title as ours yesterday..but switching it around..

What about Designer collaborations?

Karl Lagerfeld & H&M

Giles Deacon & New Look

Jill Sander & Uniqlo

Roksanda Illincic &Whistles

Holly Fulton & Whistles

They do give us mere mortals the chance to buy some serious bling at High Street Prices…Or by doing this, does the Brand spread itself too thin and lose it’s prestige and exclusivity? Is it worth it for the bun-fight at the cash till? Do you want your designer purchase (let’s pretend) to be the complete shopping experience?? Or are you happy just to own a little bit anyway you can?

Do you wear it? – or treasure it as a potential investment?

P.S. If Team Garance want any more tips on Blog Posts…we’re happy to share….Particularly as we think Garance would look very fetching in one of our collars..


Laters, Kate x