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Izipiziz x



Wow! The shops in Deal are getting good!..just the right side of vintage, affordable and desirable.  In one shop – The Hoxton Store – they also had a glasses brand from France – izipizi  – I’d never seen before offering sunnies, reading glasses, baby glasses and blue light glasses for working with screens.  Classic shapes, bright colours and around the £40 price point. Winner, winner chicken dinner.


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Laters, Kate x

Half term Holidays x

It started with a double rainbow over Deal, a pretty coastal town close to Dover where we spent the first part of our holiday with three other families, before moving onto Suffolk to stay with friends, higher up on the east coast.

Living life close to the edge with a bird’s eye view.

First morning dip at Suffolk – the sea measured ten degrees: Three of us are taking part in a personal weekly cold water swimming challenge as an acknowledgement of the pressures our Year 6 children are facing with the coming exam season: We may not totally understand what they are going through, but we are there in spirit.

In preparation for Halloween..a real haunted house!


Brilliant, subversive arcade games on the pier!

Then the waves got up! And we went swimming again!

There’s something magical about walking along a beach in autumn when the clouds are skudding, the wind is cold and the sun is bright.

The view behind us.

I wish I was a surfer dude..

Getting the little ferry across to Southwold side.

On the ferry.

Our holiday ended with a rainbow over Southwold, proof that you can find gold at the end of a rainbow: I dare someone to sit next to me and tell me it isn’t true.


Laters, Kate x

Life through a Lens..


I don’t normally post on a Sunday..but unless these go out now, I fear they ever will…Pictures from our half-term week away to the Kent coast including Camber Sands, Deal and Kingsdown…

IMG_1363 IMG_1354 IMG_0216 IMG_0215 IMG_0176 IMG_0175 IMG_0169 IMG_0197 IMG_0189 IMG_0149 IMG_0183 IMG_0145 IMG_1376 IMG_0139 IMG_0161 IMG_0160 IMG_0157 IMG_0156 IMG_0151 IMG_0462 IMG_0465 IMG_0479


Laters, Kate x