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And so it happens..

What did you have for Brexit today? I would like to be a million miles away, living the simple life on a beach, being independent, fulfilled and carving out my own little bit of happiness far away from contagious groupthink.

But that’s me.

Sadly I only have the urban equivalent.

Laters, Kate x



On Wednesday night we had a huge storm over London, well, I say a storm – it just kept on rolling in on waves of ear splitting thunder and torrential rain..locally we lost transport, various shops flooded and the internet…I’ve never known anything like it.


Except maybe this morning and the news of Brexit.  Astounded, ashamed, depressed.  It wasn’t that Europe didn’t have it’s problems, but we’ve now thrown the baby out with the bathwater because we asked people to vote on the EU…and they voted on something else entirely.  As an act of rebellion my country has given a thumbs up to xenophobia, racism and bigotry. I thought the Americans had it bad with Trump..the laugh was on me.


Will the last person to leave the country please turn out the lights.

Laters, Kate x