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Bernadette Pascua x

Bernadette_Sketch_1 Amazing eh? Bernadette Pascua is a Fashion Illustrator living the dream in Brooklyn, New York, with partner, the Photographer, Andrew Stimson and their adopted furry dog son, Rocky.  I was only talking to a friend the other day about choosing outfits by silhouette..and this shape is divine…the shrapnel of experience tells me how hard it is to paint like this.

bernadette-pascua-illustrations-1-1 The simplicity is deceptive.

Bernadette You sense the rest.

Bernadette-Pascua-Illustration-1 She has a breath-taking Blog at www.decadediary.com

6673596521_191c43c69c_o A serendipidy that winks.

tumblr_lzkspyiNS51r83u9ko1_500 Seeing beauty in the ordinary..

155(Photo by Andrew Stimson, http://www.sousstyle.com)

It helps that she is extraordinary.

Laters, Kate x