Handling it..


The designing of the kitchen actually started on Friday – Alleluia! Naturellement it’s not a new kitchen per se but a hotch potch of the old kitchen units (we like recycling) and new additions that somehow all need to be brought together, but this picture represents the inspiration (I only wish I could have that island unit…but sadly it’s the only space for the sink/dishwasher/bin/cutlery so the carcasses need to hit the floor..maybe in another life..) But we’ve been working on how to line up the sight lines, even up the variety of widths and unify the look.


Which is never easy..go for industrial raw edge?


Or embrace industrial engineering with these beauties from Buster & Punch?…


(There’s something very tactile about that surface..)


The potential fly in the soup is the mixing in of an old french glazed bookcase  (a bit like this one) I have to hold my crockery. The thinking goes that to pull them together by using that same handles on at least some of the other units.


It helps I like a variety of handles.


But it’s still a matter of balance..too many would just be wrong – so which ones to choose?….lovely brass handles?


Delicious little catches?..


(All pictures Pinterest)

Or just subtle, understated cup handles and little brass knobs?

The thinking cap is on.

Laters, Kate x


    • Maison Bentley Style

      In the scheme of life..handles??! But the thought that’s gone in..ridiculous! I guess it’s because you only choose once. If I worry I’ll remember by bottom line..if in doubt, keep it simple.. xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Hehe! She hangs her head in shame..I’m still ruminating! If I had small cupboards it would be the catches, but – and it’s totally unintentional, all the cupboards are large. I’m thinking brass knobs..and small brass knobs..and cup handles on dishwasher etc..whatever happens, I’ll take the varnish off the brass so they can age disgracefully! xxx

  1. dievca

    My parents made the most amazing walk-in pantry twenty years ago with recycled cabinets. It has stood the test of time…may your creation stand the tests of time. XO