The secret is out..

Now for something totally different: This was something that we did with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and few months ago..except I couldn’t write about it then as we were all sworn to secrecy but now this particular experience has finished the secrecy is no longer needed and to be honest, somehow it feels appropriate to think back on something we brits are good at: obscure, ironic brilliance.  This was a whacky, immersive dining experience set up by a Company called the Gingerliners in a warehouse in the Hoxton area of London where every course was in a different room, with a contrasting theme/story/setting..each more crazy than the last. (See the video above for the best interactive experience..or just enjoy the pictures)

It was a bit like being in a Harry Potter entered the first room on a sledge with four other people through a low tunnel to find your self in a rainforest complete with bird-girl on a swing and our starters in the trees…


The next room was run by a robot and her baby and our soup came from a suspended engine..



The main course was held in a haunted banqueting hall complete with dracular-like waiters.images-2

Have you ever been in one of these as an adult, drunk and drinking from a urine pouch??


Dessert was sorted by a dolly with a trolly on a plane, with accompanying dance and song.  We left via a giant slide..convinced the whole thing had been some fantastical dream.  It’s opening again in September (go to Gingerliners to get on their mailing list) with whole new rooms of experience – tickets are hard to get – they sell out FAST.  But if you like your reality hot-wired, this is the place for you.


Laters, Kate x