Kids Inc..


Every now and then it’s good to let the music stop..which is what we’ve done for the last 4 days.  Miles away from the whirling, high energy, high pressure of London we escaped with the kids and three other families to a Feather Down farm just outside Oxford to cook on wood burning stoves, chase errant chickens and drink copious amounts of wine….


Each family had their own tent on the side of a forested hill (or ‘mountain’ according to the kids) looking out over the lush, green fields of England..


The tents were fabulous – (this really was glamping with a capital ‘G)’..all rustic with purpose, without being plastic-basic..and apart from food, everything was provided..although even food could be bought or ordered in advance from the on-site honesty shop.


I’m still in love with this candlestick chandelier hung from a piece of wood..


And this coffee grinder, complete with beans..


We thought the kids would fight over who slept on the top bunk..


But they were more interested in the cupboard bed!


(Probably a wise choice – on our very first night, there was an almighty thunderstorm which even managed to blow the ash pan off our internal wood burner’s chimney..those in the cupboard with it’s wooden roof never so much as stirred..)


The view out…


Next to each tent we all had our very own chickens that the children had to keep fed and watered and could check for eggs for our own consumption..


There was no electricity..making the morning brekkie..


Not having to cater for every element of camping meant there was room in the car for my basil plant – how London can you get?!

IMG_5871 IMG_5873

The time just flew – between teaching the girls to make Makrame and friendship bracelets..

IMG_5874 IMG_5876 IMG_5863

To checking the chickens for eggs at the main paddock…and being sure to keep the goats and sheep in…not that we always managed it..and then it was a drama trying to catch them and herd them back in!..

IMG_5864 IMG_5865 IMG_5880



On Saturday morning we did a tour round the farm led by Farmer Bill and his wife..the tractors were a big hit..

IMG_5885 IMG_5890

‘Please Bella sit in the wheel so I can take a picture of you to show how large the wheel is..’


At least Charlie was a bit more obliging..


I’ve got a brand new combine harvester an I’ll give you the key!

IMG_5899 IMG_5914

Learning about sheep..


What the kids loved most was the freedom..they spent hours off exploring or on this mud slide going up and down..

IMG_5934IMG_5935 IMG_5845

In the evenings we gathered around the campfire, making music, singing songs and roasting marshmallows.


And that’s only half of it..

Laters, Kate x


  1. elizaberrie

    What a wonderful camping adventure! I must admit I am jealous but I probably would have discovered how to sneak in a small propane cook top for breakfast- I don’t like to wait around for the first meal of the day, hahahaha

    This is what summer memories are made of and I wish more kids had them!