The Sky’s the Limit..


The meeting with the builder went well..looks like we could have a start date at the end of July.  It means the month of August will be frantic, but if I’m going to be without my kitchen I’d prefer it to be in the summer months when salads are picnics are staple requirements –  hopefully it will be a glorious sunshine and we can spend the days least there won’t be the horrors of the morning clash, trying to sort builders and attempting to get kids out the door for school.  Shame about any lie-ins…


We’re also renovating our cellar at the same time…the intention was just to add more electrics, some clever storage, a TV and a sofa to turn it into a den.  But the builder took one look and suggested we dropped the floor by 20 centimetres…it would make all the difference, but hits all my fear points – our cellar is bone dry and I’d hate to mess with that..but he seems to think it’ll be I’m going to see what the damage is in terms of cost.  I know there won’t be any natural light, so for decor it’s dark and moody all the an exclusive gentleman’s club..


Looking for inspiration I came across this picture and was struck by the nice to have that flash of blue, space and air..


I started looking at wallpapers..but the problem is the repeat..clouds become to regular when the beauty is they aren’t.


There’s this option..Nuvole by Cole &Son..but at quite a cost! And like beans, it still repeats..


Better is the option of wall murals from places like Surface View – this one is a reproduction of Constable’s can order them to any size you want.  Again, not a cheap option..


Then I found Pixersize  which has one of the biggest ranges I have ever seen and very good value.  Their sky range is enormous..the skycapes dramatic..


(But I secretly preferred the softness of the painted skies..)


Not to worry..they had that too..

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With so many options I think it’ll take me till August to decide which one…(but I think the last one has my heart…)…Wallpapering the ceiling..who would’ve thought..

Laters, Kate x