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I saw this first on a friend’s Facebook page (thanks Sarah Dezille) and found it incredible on so many different levels.  These are the Tree Change Dolls – face-overs given to unwanted Bratz dolls by the artist Sonia Singh from Australia.  Using simple nail polish remover and eucalyptus oil, she removes the original paint..and re-paints new faces.  The dolls are then re-dressed in outfits handmade by her mother, transformed from something ready to be thrown a true Cinderella moment…it boggles the mind to think they once even shared the same gene-pool..



Sonia was just doing this for fun..then she uploaded a few pictures on her dolls to Tumblr..and the effect went viral..


It’s not surprising..she’s created something so simple, so innocent..and for me, captured something utterly nostalgic and precious.  Inadvertently her dolls have opened up the debate on the sexualisation of children and the increasing speed with which they now grow up.  For me it’s less about that – I wouldn’t tell Bella not to play with a Bratz doll.  But I love how something so simple can radiate an even stronger power: After years of drink, drugs and bad hair extensions, these Bratz have a new lease of life away from their whirling, high-energy, high-pressure existence and are now embracing and thriving in the type of life I’d like for my kids..

And there’s nothing to stop anyone else from having a go – there’s various Youtube films made by Sonia showing how to do it yourself which I thoroughly recommend..but I rather like her first film, explaining how it all started:


I think they’re wonderful, and hope, over the Easter holidays to create some UK versions with Bella (although I ‘d be perfectly happy just to find a quiet corner and do it by myself…)

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Part of the appeal is that the eyes and expressions remind me so much of Sasha dolls from the 60s and 70s.  A doll I never had but coveted – my best bud Ella had two! Not only did they have such enigmatic faces, but their wardrobes were to-die-for too..

Autumn Clothing Change 3 009

(I’m sure it was my first experience of the power of clothes..)


It always amazes me how life works in cycles…Tree Change is the old-fashioned calm at the heart of the modern life storm…and I love it!

Laters, Kate x


  1. .virginia.romo.

    Oh, Kate, I saw them too and was so amazed. It is, as you say, so beautiful in so so many ways. It is like those girls had a dark, difficult past and have found new light in their lives. Glad you share it here.

  2. dievca

    I’ve never really been a doll fan (tomboy – more interested in timed obstacle course races), but the idea, the love and the sharing is so sweet and lovely. I am crazy about recycling… How nice for the morning with coffee.

  3. KerryCan

    The dolls make me think of little girls who were sold into prostitution but then rescued and given their childhoods back! Great story–I’m so glad you wrote about it!

  4. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie)

    I really like this idea of recycling and creating something new and different. I think they look adorable! I admire the way that Bratz dolls have so many different skin tones, big pouty lips and tapered eyes so different races of children can identify with them but the amount of makeup and types of clothes – wow! Very teenage! I like how these dolls are just sweet little dolls that are dressed like real little kids. I actually hated my Barbie because apparently “I don’t want to play with that skinny lady Mum”.

  5. Abbi

    Have you ever watched RuPaul’s Drag Race? The second before picture looks like Adore Delano.