Neuter not Neutral x


Have you heard about Selfridge’s new Agender Project? Starting in March, instead of separate departments for men and women, the shop will stock three floors of unisex clothing for browsing by both. So is neuter the new cultural shift and a serious re-thinking of fashion? Or the prophetic skid marks of car crash about to happen? Or just someone with an unerring nose for hype indulging in the need for a good, loud scream?


Selfridges says ‘We want to take our customers on a journey where they can shop and dress without limits or stereotypes.’ It can be argued there’s always been androgyny..and the men’s fall runway highlighted a further blurring of the gender lines.  It was only a couple of weeks ago I was listening to a discussion on Radio 4 about a new brand of neuter pants by Play Out – a sort of boxer for boys and girls – I would’ve blogged about it, but I actually found the designs desperately ugly in a post-eighties germanic way that really shouldn’t see the light of day again.  But it’s definitely a subject making waves..


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I wonder how they’ll manage the button debate – (to the right? Or to the left? Or maybe a coalition??) – not that it’s ever stopped me nicking The Husbands clothes.  But then women into men has always been so much easier  – if I look in my wardrobe I’ve shoes, jeans, shirts and jumpers all from the mens departments because I prefer the heavier, straighter cut. Men into women? Why not? I love a bit of flower with my masculinity..


Whether or not this is an anathema to the wonderful diversity of gender expression and just another step towards global greyness and generalisation, it’s going to be interesting..but the truth is, it’s just an eight week project..maybe just enough to get people thinking..


Laters, Kate x



  1. jackiemallon

    Gender fluid, gender neutral, gender queer (?!)…all just a recipe for Jackie to get tongue tied and say the wrong thing!

    Although for what it’s worth I think this project by Selfridges is ushering in something that’s here to stay, a new wave and possibly an unfortunate return of velcro to ease the button confusion.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I’ll be interested to take a browse..whilst I’m a great lover of dresses, I’ve always resented the need the retail world has had to feminise certain clothes..take the brogue. A great, solid, sturdy shoe for men..but for women, we’re always offered the lightweight half-fat just not the same.. xxx

  2. necessities123editor

    I respect human rights and I also expect others to respect mine.
    I am a man and I would like to continue dressing up like a man.
    That’s my choice.
    I believe in biological differences between sexes and I also believe there are differences between the sexes, other than biological.
    It’s not the first time these ideas of “unisex” fashion are promoted.
    On the other side, I would be mostly grateful to the “new minds” in fashion industry if they decided to continue making trousers for men in future.
    I would be thrilled to see the shirts, ties and blazers! Or is this too much? 🙂