Mexican wonders..

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Anyone else having problems with WordPress or is it just me? This wasn’t the post intended for today..but amongst other things I’ve lost the ability to upload go into ‘Help’ which sort of sums up frustration..and Live Support is currently closed.  Ho hum.  Anyways – I originally collected these pictures as they never fail to remind me of the summer sun;  It doesn’t matter what the fashion world is dictating, each year I always love the bohemian effortlessness of a peasant style shirt.  Most of these are vintage from Mexico, a country which still embraces the beauty of embroidery but whether you’re a lover of colour or prefer the simplicity of a single colour, there’s something for everyone.  Thinking of good times ahead..

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    The details of these embroideries are incredible ! Before, to me, Mexico = Frida Kahlo, now, thanks to this fab “emergency” post, Mexico = delicately vibrant embroideries ! xxxxx

  2. glanceobservecapture

    LOVE the cornflower blue one!!!! No problems …….but then I have been too busy sanding floors to upload anything, so am sitting here glass of chilled wine in hand reading everyone’s fruitful blogs. X

  3. pernillelunde

    Technical difficulties you say!!! I had to rewrite an entire post because WP spazzed out, mobile version… I love these gorgeous timeless pieces. I bought two very similar pieces at a market in Bangkok last year, a top and a dress. Beautiful hand made. I opted for single colour pieces, but you are right there is nothing that says summer like these pieces. Xx

  4. alexcellent2012

    To wear on your next summer holiday perhaps? I do love these. The second picture (white with coloured embroidery) took me back to the 70s when I had one just like it as a five-year-old. I agree, you can’t go wrong with these – whatever the fashion of the day.