The Circus..

IMG_2901I’ve been swimming around my goldfish bowl wondering what’s a girl to do? How’s it possible to write a follow on post to THAT party? From all the bubbling laughter and excess champagne I’m propelled into my first ever bout of poster’s block.  Confessions of a disco queen..I’m writing in circles…it just doesn’t feel right to comment on the latest autumn trend…

IMG_2904It’s also half term…so how about a nostalgic trip to the circus? Which not only the kids loved..but I did too..

IMG_2923 IMG_2926 IMG_2916 IMG_2910 IMG_2955IMG_2914 IMG_2954IMG_2911IMG_2928IMG_2917Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    Sometimes people write that the fashion world is a big circus, but I guess that this “Circus & Magic” show was a truly wonderful moment, without any bitter or mean feeling, I mean just look at the pretty kids’ smiles ! xxxx

  2. dievca

    Be careful…that cotton candy (candy floss?) will kill you! Fantastic going down, but your teeth might not survive. It looks like y’all had a great day — sometimes a sideways step brings you back full force. XO

  3. jackiemallon

    Idyllic! Do you remember Dick and Dora books from way back in childhood? Your pictures look just like the ones in those books. Life looked so perrrrrrrrty in those books!

  4. redlipstickmama

    Great pics! Circus used to freak me out but when we took our kids for the first time last year my son watched the whole performance eyes and mouth open. Funny to revisit things through their eyes… Xo

  5. longandluxe

    Too funny – after meeting so many fabulous bloggers at THE party I thought what on earth to share now with such talented and lovely new friends?!! nothing a flying trapeze can’t shake love 🙂 xxx