Something in the air..

5956049589_5dfe001ed0_zPhoto by Joel Robinson

The winds of change are a blowin’….

Anna and I have been thinking hard and we’ve made the decision to split MasonBentley into our distinctive fortes. I’ll carry on the Blog which will subtly change to Maison Bentley Style, whilst Anna will continue with her label under the name ‘Anna Mason’ and when we need to support each other, we will…think of us as the wrinklier versions of Rosie Assoulin and Leandra Medine…

This does mean there will be changes to the Blog – I’m hoping these won’t take long or be too complicated but the upheaval does mean the perfect excuse for another Blog Party to celebrate a re-launch.  Watch this space for more info.

We’ll also be using this time to write a letter to ourselves for the future at – you are always your best mentor and champion and sometimes, just sometimes we need that extra something to grow bigger and better wings..write yourself a letter now, saying where you want to be in a years time…and see if it comes true..

Laters, Kate x


  1. That Street Guy

    Good luck with the change over guys, I have enjoyed you blog and I hope it continues to grow, please notify my if you decide to start under a new banner so that I can continue to read, share and talk about your journey with my friends and followers!

  2. longandluxe

    Wishing you both continued success. And THANK YOU for being brave and soaring on the winds of change, instead of resisting them. You are such inspiration!!! xoxox

  3. KittNoir

    Good luck to you both with your new directions. Its lovely that you will still support each other. Keep me posted on blog party. Lots of love to you both xx

  4. bletua808

    I always love your posts and can’t wait for the new blogs. Keep me updated. Good luck to you both on the new changes.

  5. Fashion Mayann

    Maison Bentley Style is such a chic name ! I believe that change is scary at first, and then you look back and think “wow, thank God it happened” (but I know that it takes time …). Thanks for the lovely words (PS : don’t worry, I manage to stay away from dust, and disinfecting wipes are my best friends !) and keep on the great and inspiring work under a new banner ! Can’t wait to partyyyyyyyyyyy ! XXXXX

  6. Laura Lynn

    Wow, can’t say I’m not surprised but I’m so very glad that you are taking a direction that works for you both. You have always been the ‘go to first’ and favorite blog! Maybe we can expect to see some more of your stunning photography? Pithy, witty discourse on fashion modes and trends? Designs and drawings? I am very happy (interested) to follow along in your wake, cheering! Best of love to you and Anna.

    • Laura Lynn

      Wondering if there’s a chance of you creating that dishy bum bag of a few weeks back? We call them fanny packs over here and, say what you will, they are nice when you don’t want bags slipping and flopping around. May we see more bag designs? Please?

      • Maison Bentley Style

        Can I hug you now?! It’s funny, I had no idea what blogging really was till I started doing I realise that it’s receptacle of my’s all those magpie bits of info I’ve stored over the years now have an authentic really I dread to think what is now going to pour out..except to say, I love it xxxxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Thank you luv..what do they say ‘Change is as good as a something?! It does feel strange to have utter freedom, but it also means I will have more time so seriously thinking about signing up for Art classes after Christmas..something I have always wanted to do xxx