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R.I.P Packhorse..

My beloved buggy is no more.  Held together by cellotape for the last few months, it has finally given it’s last hurrah and collapsed in a little metallic heap.

IMG_2366Not surprising given the extensive tours of duty it’s performed over the years.  And truth be told, for much of this year it hasn’t even been used as a buggy really except for the odd sneaky sleepy…

IMG_2879Instead I’ve been that mad woman walking the streets of South West London pushing my vacant buggy like an unaccepting empty-nester.   We got attached Buggy and me..he became my ever-faithful ever-there friend getting me and my clobber from a to b in relative safety..picnic stuff/blankets/cricket bits/footballs/school bags/swimming/gym kits/shopping..buggy did the lot with never so much as a word of complaint, saving my sanity, shoulders and let’s be honest..multiple trips to the chiropractor.

IMG_2878So what am I to do now?  I can’t carry this lot..I swear most people drive to the school because of the amount stuff required on a day to day basis.  I don’t want to drive to the shops or order on the internet either, I get little enough time to exercise as it is..and I’m rather proud that in the urban sprawl that is London we actually do more walking than the majority of our country friends.

So is it wrong to be thinking of getting a trolley? (she whispers very quietly) Can I break the old woman stereotype? Is there a fresh, modern perspective on the art of lugging?

shopping_trolley_frontThere is this option I’ve found that looks pretty/traditional (picture with plaid picnic rug and warm baguette peaking out..she urges in hope..) ..even if it would take up half the hall…and is’t waterproof.

Folding_Boot_Cart_Box_Crate_Trolley_on_wheels_633400_2 Or this ..ugly..but cheap and sort-of practical?

shopping-trolleysOr these, playing the trump card of up-cycling, they’re made from old cement bags and not bad at £39.99 a pop.  Bit more street cred? Or am I sadly kidding myself?

shopping trolley recycled sails 7I found this one made from an old sail…at bit more expensive at £85.00..but?…. still granny?

plegamatic-mono-black-white-213-p[ekm]199x300[ekm]rolser-folding-trolleys-9-c[ekm]133x150[ekm]Or this one made in Spain by Rolser where they have cobbled streets (it has to last and they swear it does)..it’s £66 and folds up as a shoulder bag till you need the wheels..then ‘ping’ …trolley!..an acceptable-face-saving-vaguely-trendy-compromise?

What do you think? Which would you choose? Would you choose? Help!

Laters, Kate x