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It’s Happening..


Mindfulness or madness, it’s happening…the builder has been booked to start on an office-slash-living room in the garden in approx. six weeks time: There’s no time to dodge, designs have to be finalised, visions pulled into reality and decisions made.



The bubble of thoughts has been brewing for a long time, probably now spurred on by lockdown and the possible threat of more – but the main catching point has been the big, overall concept – whether to go modern…or to look to the past and embrace traditional.


(All pics Pinterest)

Which one is it??

Laters, Kate x

Bling and Bottle tops x

755999d07a14238c91e7741499e80715There’s just over two weeks left of the summer hols and surprisingly this is our first full weekday at home just to be and make. I’ve been itching for it – doing crafts in the garden with the kids is the summer dress I look forward to all winter. ┬áThis year the bar has been raised (with the Husband’s help) by transforming the shed into a mini-studio with a lean-to on the side for all the real sheddy bits (priorities, priorities..) It’s been lovingly painted, bunting hung, baskets gathered and projects planned..


Not that crafting with kids is straightforward…the main ingredient of creativity is not spontaneity but planning..having the right ingredients to hand to let things flow, which then includes ignoring the adult need for perfection – it’s when everything’s been mixed together – the splashes, the bits over the line, the gusto and exuberance that the magic really happens.


Today the sun is shining and we’re finally turning our felt pictures into cushions avec pom-poms, (then we might tackle some of the projects above) (all from Pinterest)..but before anything happens, I need to write this post..so I’ve set Bella and Charlie up with some painting in the shed. How cool?


It lasted all of five minutes before they came running out shouting ‘Spider, spider!’

I can see it’s going to be a longgggggggg summer.

Laters, Kate x