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Soul Voiced Shirts x

tumblr_mr5kn6XFQC1rdyx3mo1_500 What to get a man for Christmas? Traditional cardigan and slippers? A dressing gown?

Or something a bit more memorable?

tumblr_mp1w30m9Ao1r67052o1_500 I had a conversation with a friend last week about African shirts..she wasn’t sure about their appeal..but I think they’re incredible..

tumblr_mgooy4VnF11qzmsjjo1_500 tumblr_mni7t5wqkl1rdyx3mo1_500(You’ll certainly never worry about clashing patterns again!)

tumblr_mp0kr0RLGd1qe5bzvo1_500 They’re beyond a natty ensemble, brimmed thick with amusement and verbosity. A joy trigger and a visual conversation with an unpredictability that sits seamlessly next to regular classics.

tumblr_mp0sh3Gor61rpu3a0o1_500All the pictures in this post came from the same Company..the African Shirt Company who not only offer shirts at fair prices, they’re set up to help the community that makes them in Kenya.

tumblr_mo949vjXKv1rj84sho1_500The aim of the African Shirt Company is to improve the lives of locals living in Kasigau, Kenya by providing them with an alternative way to earn an income.

tumblr_mnxqbznaGE1r29zgyo1_500 The Company also supports a reforestation project to promote environmental education and sustainable land management in the area.

tumblr_mmwpj8dBTM1rj84sho1_500 Each shirt sold also means money given back to the community to buy small seedlings for the local children which are cared for and eventually planted to maintain and restore the degraded land.


An absolute win win!

..and surely that’s what a Christmas present should really be about?

Laters, Kate x