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Accessing All Areas..



It’s the last day of school for the kids today before the nostalgia of summer holidays, which has meant the last two weeks have been manic.  Sometimes it’s hard to describe that state of continual motion when every minute of the day is converted into action.  Even this afternoon: After the presentation of presents to their teachers and almost missing them with cards still to write and hair to do this morning , they’re only at school till 12.  Then there’s a joint birthday party on the Common for Charlie, a picnic for Bella – all with their associative jobs – and there’s shopping still to do, the dog to pick up, supper to sort…because tomorrow the kids leave for Greece with their Grandparents – and I haven’t even started packing:  If Charlie goes without a couple of stitches in his new swimming trunks his modesty will never survive the first wave.  And Bella wants to take one of the tie-dye tops we made – but the arms need shortening..and it was a late mum’s night out last night…..and where are their passports – and are they up to date??



At least I’ve ordered some holiday towels for all of us…we join them in Greece in a week so they’ve still got time to arrive.  We’ll then stay for a few days with my parents, before heading off to the island of Lefkas for what I thought was a Greek Glamping experience…i.e. A little wooden house with air-con for the husband….except there seems a little confusion over what exactly we’ve booked.  Hey ho, time will tell..



Made the old fashioned way, these cotton towels are hand loomed in Turkey (Don’t tell the Greeks) and are meant to be compact, dry quickly, absorbent and just generally awesome and cool.  It helps they’re supplied by a local Company, Sorbet based in SW London..


At least I might have got one thing right..even if my priorities are a bit questionable….!

Laters, Kate x