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Summer Wishes x

Two whole days of sunshine. Maybe we will have a summer.

I hope so.  It’s my favourite time of year for many reasons – but one is the gentle pleasure of walking along a shore line in bare feet with my daughter, looking for Sea Diamonds…

7427720056_110f166ae5_zWe have quite a collection.

IMG_2215Each one a little jewel of time.  I’ve always been fascinated by them, but I’ve only started to collect them seriously after seeing the work of some wonderful sea-glass jewellers..

aquamarine nuggets This is by ecstasea-at-etsy.Sea glass Jewellery by Lisa Hall 15-11-09 I love the fact that here the glass takes precedence over the diamonds. And the colours with the gold. These are all by Lisa Hall, an American jeweller.

2_gold_and_silver_wide_band_rings_square_popup silver_and_22kt_gold_compass_ring_square_popup 2_gold_rings_with_diamonds_square_popup

Maybe one day I’ll get to go to a glass beach like this one near Fort Bragg, California in Mackerricher State Park…

10379-awesomeCan you imagine? Although I hear the mudlarking equivalent of diamond hunting is now banned here, but there must be other places in the world…

I want our collection to be made into a piece of jewellery for Bella’s eighteenth birthday – a creation of companionship and shared joy where for a little while we lived on a planet of our own peace.

Laters, Kate x