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A Cultured Christmas..


It’s the first of December (gulp) so our two elves on shelves, Jessie and Heinrik  sorry – Pinkadou – he’s just been renamed by Charlie (‘Did you know Pinkadou is an old Italian name, Mummy??’ and there was I thinking it was made up. Silly, silly) have made their first appearance. Spotted them?


There they are sitting quietly on our giant loveheart.


Which, without the children, would make them horribly open to very childish abuse…

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Which would be a very, very terrible thing….

Laters, Kate x

The Magic starts here..


The Elf-on-the-shelf has been a stroke of genius to the spirit of Christmas in this house – so much so we had to find him a female companion (mind out of the gutter please….) so Bella had her own elf too (At eight she’s on the cusp of not believing) – their presence has been totally embraced with homemade presents and letters regularly being left for them (generally saying the other has been up to no good!).  The other tradition that underlines the children’s belief is their annual message from PNP Santa..it’s a beautiful dose of pure nostalgia  – there’s a choice of a free message – which really works if you have young children or only one so you don’t get a repeat..or pay £2.99 for a longer message, more photos and a choice of story..this year, for the first time, I upgraded..it was so worth it, particularly as there was an option for the Elf to get a special mention..how perfectly magical? There’s no denying their power now!



The basic concept is that Santa speaks individually to your child and looks at photos of them through the year in their special book..then they find out whether they’re on the good list…or the naughty list..with the option of behaving better before the big day…it’s very, very, clever and utterly seductive.  And it’s not just limited to children..there’s an adults version too with true mirth in hearing this Santa mutter ‘I hear you regularly fart in bed’ and other such gems..

I’ve uploaded Bella and Charlie’s messages to Facebook if you want to see the quality of the messages for yourself, and just for posterity, I videoed their reactions this year:

…Once you have laughed and once you have loved this Christmas..the rest is just background noise..

Laters, Kate x

Spotted! The Elf on the Shelf…


Who said American’s don’t understand irony? It’s thank’s to them we’ve bought our very first Elf on a Shelf to further promote the fantasies of Christmas..The idea is simple: During the day he’s Santa’s eyes and ears, then at night he disappears through his very own door, back to the North Pole…


(Yep..we got one of those too now stuck on our skirting board!) to report back on the children’s behaviour, before returning and reappearing somewhere else the next day..

As it’s the first of December, he made his first appearance today and was quickly spotted.  Charlie is a believer and was in awe.  Bella was more sceptical: ‘He’s plastic’ was her first comment, before sneaking off to find a long pole to poke him with. ‘Arrrrrrrrrrrr,’ says I, full of knowing..just remember that all toys are inanimate until you’ve gone to sleep..otherwise they’d be caught and put in laboratories and genetically bred to takeover the world’s workforce..and then where would we be?’

‘At Christmas?’ suggested Charlie..


Touche, my child, touche.


Now all the husband and I have to do is to make sure we move him every night ready for the morning, which with the number of festive nights out in the diary, could prove interesting…and we must, must, must  resist the temptation of introducing him to Barbie..just think of the potential mess…



He may be little (and plastic) but we’re hoping he’s going to be greater than the sum of his parts…watch this space..

Laters, Kate x