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RIP Kiwi..


Bella and Charlie had a lesson in the fragility of life this week when one of their much loved dwarf hamsters, Kiwi died.


I think as a parent part of the reason you agree to pets is to open that door to the experience of the circle of life: To love something, be totally involved…and then to lose it…death is the bleakness lurking in the shadows..it’s the moment the clouds close over the sun..

IMG_8358 IMG_8360

They decorated the coffin, layered it with love..and Charlie wrote a poem..

IMG_8362 IMG_8364IMG_8371 IMG_8368

We did a funeral service..I sang (probably not the highlight) but I’m hoping this experience will give them something to remember when something more serious inevitably happens. ┬áIt makes you sadly realise how jaded you become as a adult – and how the innocence of childhood needs to be treasured: Little things do matter.

Laters, Kate x