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No Shift in the Mood x


(Photo: The Telegraph)

There’s been no let up in the UK weather – January was the wettest in 248 years and February hasn’t been much better. A 74.8 ft wave’s been recorded off Penzanze, Cornwall which, if confirmed will be the highest ever off the coast of Britain – a mere five times the height of a double decker bus..


 (Photo: Solent news and photo agency)

The British haven’t lost their sense of humour. Yet.

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(first photo by John McLellan, second photo by James Dadzitis)

But 25 miles of Somerset are under 3.2 billion cubic feet of water.  This is Sam Notaro’s house – against the odds, he’s doing his damnedest to protect it, after all a man’s home is his castle. Literally. The moat came for free..


In London we’re OK – the Houses of Parliament will be under before we are.  But that doesn’t mean everything is rosy…The River Thames is under serious stress and our local Commons have turned into swamps (let Molly off the lead and you’re lucky to see her head) and new rivers and springs keep oozing out of the sodden ground.


I can’t let the kids out in the garden either as it’s seriously awash with Molly’s sloppy poos transformed into puddles of filthy fluids that are nigh on impossible to pick up.  I fear the only solution is to invent a liquid hydrogen gun and zap the buggers (the poo’s guys..the poo’s…).

Hmmmmmm I can almost smell a money spinner…sort of…

Laters, Kate x